The Krenzler Process To Custom Built Homes!

The first step that we take is to learn more about you! We want to know all about the way you imagine your dream home to be! Additionally, we want to know what step you are in the process; If you have a plan in mind, if you own a lot or if you're starting from scratch.

Once we know about your preferences and budget, we will take the time to research the best lot options that match your ideal home. Are you looking for acreage, or a lot in a development? We will assist you in obtaining the ideal property for your needs!

If you already have a lot, we will evaluate your land to ensure that the design you have in mind will work with your lot. Land \Lot selections need to be carefully evaluated to make certain they will accommodate the size and configuration of the home you want. We incorporate this step to save you money by avoiding costly mistakes.

With a basic idea in mind as far as plans and having chosen a lot\land, the next step in our process is to find (or create) the perfect custom home floor plan for you! We have literally thousands of floor plans that you can choose from, or we can custom design something to be uniquely you! Now that we have a floor plan selected, you can choose what material to use. Do you want hand scraped teak floors? Or maybe heated tile? Your selections including finishes, colors and textures is what truly makes this custom home yours.

Once you have chosen your land, design and materials, we provide a schedule of costs and a written outline of your planning. You'll have the chance to evaluate your costs and make any revisions to your plans until everything is just right. This is an important step as it provides you a chance to review your choices to ensure you have the design you want & ensure we are within your budget.

During this step our courteous staff will walk you through all the final paperwork & we will begin the actual construction of your new home! The final step in the process is the most exciting! This is where you get to see your dream come to life!

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